Hatch Backs Balanced Budget, but Calls McConnell Plan “Ingenious”

(KCPW News) “Stupid” is how Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz describes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to give President Obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling. But Senator Orrin Hatch isn’t so critical. The strategy would spare Republicans from having to reach a budget compromise with the President while still voicing their disapproval of raising the debt ceiling. Hatch isn’t backing the plan, but says…

“It’s a last resort approach, which I think is ingenious,” he said Thursday. “But I’m committed to Cut, Cap and Balance. You have to balance your budget. I have to balance mine. States balance their budgets. They have to because of constitutional amendments in their constitutions. Why can’t we require the federal government to do the same? If we did, we wouldn’t have the mess we’re in today”

Utah Senator Mike Lee said earlier this week he doesn’t support McConnell’s plan either. He referred to it on Twitter as “Cut, Run and Hide.”