Hill Air Force Base Warned of Serious Violations by OSHA

(KCPW News) Federal safety inspectors have notified Hill Air Force Base of 32 serious violations of safety and health standards. And the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a contractor at the base for exposing workers to hazardous contaminants. Herb Gibson, director of OSHA’s Denver area office, says there were more than 100 injuries or illnesses reported out of the base in the past year.

“OSHA targeted this facility under OSHA’s federal targeting program, which is based on locations with injury and illness cases,” he told KCPW. “Also, we received a referral from another government agency where they had run into similar problems at another Air Force base.”

The contractor, Affordable Engineering Services, LLC, provided maintenance on aircrafts, and may be fined nearly $52,000.

Gibson says contamination is common in these environments, but can be avoided.

“This is an indication that there are still hazardous air contaminants in the workplace and all employers need ensure that they are familiar with OSHA’s expanded health standards, so employees can be protected against atmospheric hazardous materials,” says Gibson.

Other violations against the base include improper training, failure to record injuries and illnesses, and lack of appropriate eye protection. Hill Air Force Base released a statement saying the citations have been posted in work areas and the base union representative is meeting with OSHA regulators to promptly address each finding.