Politics Up Close: Romero Runs for Salt Lake County Mayor

Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero (D-Salt Lake City)

(KCPW News) Since Peter Corroon’s election in 2004, a Democrat has been Mayor of Salt Lake County. But he pledged to serve no more than two terms, and his second term comes to an end next year. Now after 7 years in the Utah Legislature, Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero is hoping to succeed him. After publicly announcing his bid for the mayor’s seat Thursday night, he joined us in the studio to discuss his legislative accomplishments, his vision for the county and how he plans to win what could be a tough race.


Also on today’s show, many know that the last Democratic president to win Utah was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. How did he and others, like former Governor Cal Rampton and Senator Frank Moss, manage to win so many votes in such a red state? Writer James Seaman recently explored that question in Salt Lake Magazine.




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