Get Ready for Snow in Salt Lake

(KCPW News) Tomorrow is expected to mark the first day of snow for Northern Utah. A strong cold front is dropping in from Idaho Tuesday morning, affecting the Northern Wasatch front for the morning commute and arriving in Salt Lake City about mid-day. National Weather Service Meteorologist Steve Rogowski says winter will be ducking in and out during the next couple of weeks.

“On the short-term horizon we see another storm for Friday into Saturday. And then looks like a couple more lining up after that,” says Rogowski. “By no means is it going to be entirely cold and wintry during the whole week. We’re going to have times where the temperature warms back and we see some sunshine.”

Rogowski notes the cold front will start off as rain in the morning and turn gradually into snow.

Most importantly, he points out the front will bring an extreme temperature drop over the next few days.

“Today we’re expecting mid-sixties,” he says. “Tomorrow we’ll be lucky to get into the upper forties during the morning and then again on Wednesday mid-forties, so there’s going to be a 20-degree temperature drop between today and Wednesday.”

But Rogowski says the roads are still fairly warm, so there shouldn’t be too much concern about icy conditions, except for on-ramps and overpasses. He notes last year, the region experienced similar conditions, with a fairly warm October and abrupt snow in November.