Lee Still Hopes For Super PAC Approval

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)

(KCPW News)  Despite initial objections from the Federal Election Commission, Republican Senator Mike Lee says he is hopeful his proposal to head up a super PAC will be granted, making him the first politician to do so.  A Supreme Court decision last January allowed for corporations, unions and individuals to donate unlimited funds to outside groups to campaign for or against candidates as long as they aren’t associated with the candidates themselves.  Lee is hoping at least one of the commissioners will interpret the law in his favor.

“There is an open question on that and whether or not it violates campaign finance laws in the wake of the January 2010 ruling by the Supreme Court. And that’s exactly why I am asking for the clarification,” says Lee.  “I wouldn’t say that it’s clear cut and that’s exactly why there’s a matter pending before the FEC.”

Lee believes his proposed super PAC, is within legal bounds.

“There is a difference between a super PAC that would be used for other people’s campaigns, not including my own, and a super PAC that could be used to supplement my own campaign and this one could not,” says Lee.

The FEC is expected to vote on Lee’s proposal this Thursday.

  1. Jay

    Regradless of whether or not this Super Political Action Committee (PAC) is currently, though debatably, legal it sets up an environment where individual polititians can legally circumvent campaign finance laws by collaborating with each others PACs. These are weapons that minimize the democracy of the individual.