Library Invites Sundance Film Festival Screenings

(KCPW News) Those attending the Sundance Film Festival will be able to catch film screenings at the Salt Lake City Public Library in 2012. Sarah Pearce, Director of Festival Operations, says the festival is trying to spread screenings around the downtown area. Sundance previously used three screens at the Broadway Theater, but now they’ll use the theaters two largest screens and add a screen at the library. Overall, she says there will be more seats in Salt Lake, not more physical screening rooms.

“In Salt Lake, we really like to keep things concentrated in downtown as much as possible for ease of people moving in between screenings.” She says. “Say if you went to a screening at the Rose then you could still go to a second screening at the Library and be able to fit that all in. So I think we kind of created a nice community feel down there and we’d like to keep those there.”

Screenings will take place Friday, January 20th through Saturday, January 28th, in the Nancy Tessman Auditorium of the library, with scattered screenings throughout the day on the weekends, and 6 to 9 pm on weekdays. Library Spokeswoman Julianne Hancock says it’s a perfect fit.

“We consider ourselves to be a cultural center for Salt Lake City and we already screen so many films.” She says. “We partner with the Utah film Center and so it makes sense for us that we are a venue for Sundance just because it opens peoples eyes to new films and new ideas as well”

Sundance will announce the names of the films that will be shown in the coming weeks. The festival begins January 19th.