Downtown SLC Celebrates Harmons Grand Opening

(KCPW News) Residents and commuters in downtown Salt Lake City can take advantage of the Harmons City Creek store on the corner of 100 South and State Street, which opened its doors this morning. The local grocer now has 16 locations across Utah, from Ogden to St. George. Vice President Bob Harmon says as a downtown store, the basket size will be smaller, but the frequency of customers will be higher than many other markets.

“There’s probably 50 or 70,000 people that come into downtown.” He says. “So we’re going to have the commuter traffic and then we’re going to have the residential customer base and the walkable customer base. We have the commuters that are actually taking the trains and TRAX and buses, too. So it’s a real unique dynamic of what the clientele base is going to be.”

The store features artisan breads, deli, meat, produce, a coffee bar, cooking school and a post office.

Missy Parkin says the new store is going to make her life a lot easier.

“I live downtown, so it’s really nice to have something downtown like this.” She says. “Actually we work like a block-and-a-half away, and I live like five blocks away. So for me, this is huge. But really just the convenience, coffee bar, the lunch, healthier lunches, stuff like that.”

 Other shoppers say the store makes downtown feel more like a neighborhood. The rest of the $1.2 billion dollar City Creek development is slated to open next month.