Politics Up Close: Independent Congressional Candidate Joe Andrade, Brent Goodfellow Runs for County Council

(KCPW News) Usually, political candidates who want to go to Washington pledge to put Utah first. But University of Utah engineering professor Joe Andrade, a candidate for the state’s 2nd Congressional District, says he’d put Utah third. He’s says it’s the planet that comes first. The independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives joined us in the studio to discuss what he stands for and what inspired him to run.


Then, Democrat Brent Goodfellow spent 26 years in the Utah Legislature before a Republican tidal wave swept him out of his Senate seat in West Valley City in 2010. But now he’s hoping to make a return to politics, challenging Republican Salt Lake County Councilman Michael Jensen on the county’s west side. We talked with him to find out what he’s hoping to accomplish.


Listen to a podcast of today’s entire show here:


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