Candidate Threatens Lawsuit Over Use of Electronic Voting at GOP Convention

(KCPW News) The State Republican Party could have a lawsuit on their hands. Brian Jenkins, who is running against U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz, says he is upset about the possibility of electronic voting being used at the upcoming Republican state convention. Jenkins says the electronic method can be manipulated and he’s worried about the inability to check the votes after they are cast.

“I actually think that if we can verify, there won’t be any skullduggery,there won’t be any kind of cheating if there is true verification,” Jenkins says. ” But if there is not verification the temptation to alter the outcome is almost irresistible.”

State Republican Party Chair Thomas Wright says the option of using electronic voting on Saturday will be left up to the delegates. They will be presented with two audit results on the new system and then asked to vote on whether or not to use it. Wright says he has total faith in the method and those questioning it have no proof of inaccuracies.

“Those are just baseless accusations and conspiracy theories by a person who has built his political career over many many years accusing people of doing wrong doing with no substantiation and no proof,” Wright tells KCPW.

Jenkins met with State GOP leaders on Tuesday. He says they failed to reach an agreement and planned to file papers in court on Tuesday night.