Zions Bank Teaches Kids How to Manage Money

(KCPW News) Zions Bank kicked off National Teach Children to Save Day by visiting a group of Madeleine Choir School Kindergarten students to talk about smart finances. Rob Brough, Executive Vice President of Zions Bank, says he started with the basics of money, like the value of coins, and then explained the concepts of saving, spending and giving back. Brough says this instruction is important because one day children will be managing households and company finances.

“How can we expect them to effectively do that unless they learn it early because it’s not being taught a lot in schools and unfortunately it’s not happening a lot at home,” Brough says.

Brough adds finances can be a difficult topic to comprehend, however the message isn’t lost on the youngsters.

“You know they really are excited about money for obvious reasons,” he says. “But when you talk to them about the things that they really want it really becomes an interesting conversation because it starts to click for them that if there are certain things that they want they really do need to be disciplined and think about saving.”

Brough says he’s finding that in many homes parents are not well equipped to teach their kids about finances, so he hopes the kids will take the lessons home.