Salt Lake Police Department Holds SWAT Tryouts

(KCPW News) This week police officers interested in joining the Salt Lake City Police Department’s SWAT team are attending SWAT school. Fifteen officers from seven different agencies are being tested physically, emotionally and academically to see if they have what it takes to join the unit. Tactical Commander Rich Brede says the candidates are doing drills 15 hours a day and they’re not easy.

“They were instantly required to carry a 100 pound log toward a 15 foot obstacle which they climbed a rope up, up and over,” he explains. “They then went under barbed wire. They went over moving log obstacles and they had to climb up 15-foot walls.”

Brede says the officers are being graded on everything they do and at the end of the week they will receive a pass or fail.

“Upon completing the school, they may or may not have performed well enough to be on the SWAT team based on how they did in their ratings,” says Brede. “Within a few days all that is culminated and a letter is sent to their agency of acceptance into the SWAT team as those spots become available.”

The Salt Lake City Police Department holds SWAT school once a year.