Politics Up Close: Mayor Ralph Becker and Sen. Todd Weiler

(KCPW News) Salt Lake City’s budgeting process for next year is expected to be much smoother than in years past, with revenues up instead of down, bolstered by an estimated million dollars in sales taxes from the newly opened City Creek Center. But Mayor Ralph Becker says the city is still $11.5 million behind on its projects. He joined us in the studio to discuss his new budget plan and the news that Outdoor Retailer may leave Salt Lake City.


Then, State Senator Todd Weiler of Davis County has only been in the legislature a few months, but already passed bills dealing with father’s rights and other issues. The former Utah Republican Party Vice-Chair enjoys posting his frequently snarky observations about Utah politics on twitter. He joined us as he runs for election.


Listen to a podcast of the entire show here:


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