Active Utah Atheists Say Their Community is Growing

(KCPW News) To believe or not to believe? Today, more Utahns are choosing life without religion. KCPW’s Jessica Gail takes a look at the state’s growing community of active atheists, and what’s made it easier for some to take the “leap of faith” away from faith.

  1. Harald Illig

    Re: 05.11.2012 by Jessica Gail

    Hi, Jessica,
    Ek cetera is pronounced as eT centers. It’s Latin; et means and.

    Lovers your report in this, thoug I put another of out URLs above. Thanks!

  2. Harald Illig

    I typed a comment but it got erased !! Because the goofy graphic gizmo didn’t accept ?

  3. Harald Illig

    Ok, in short… Here it is again:

    Ek cetwra is not how it’s pronounced! It’s Latin … Et means and.

  4. Chris Allen

    I started the atheist group in Utah with Richard Andrews in 1979. He was an awsome leader, hosting the 1981 national convention of American Atheists in Salt Lake City.