UDOT Employee Gets New Job, Reimbursement for Legal Fees

(KCPW News) A new job title is in store for Denice Graham, the Utah Department of Transportation’s former Civil Rights Manager who was wrongfully terminated last year. Late last week, Graham accepted a new position with the state as a human resource analyst, and was reimbursed for the legal fees she paid while fighting her termination.

“I just am looking forward to moving into a new experience in a new job, and because of what I have been through, it will precipitate changes necessary at UDOT to make sure employees are treated fairly,” she tells KCPW.

Graham was fired last year after being accused of leaking confidential information about who won the contract for the I-15 CORE project. It was revealed the state quietly paid $13 million to the losing bidder, and a judge ordered UDOT to re-hire her.

Once reinstated, Graham kept fighting, saying her work duties had been downgraded and her $57,000 in legal fees weren’t reimbursed. While some of her supporters are now calling for the governor to take a closer look at UDOT in the wake of the controversy, Graham says that’s not something she will be involved in.

“As far as from the political aspects where other organizations are asking the Governor to look at things at UDOT and whatnot, I think that’s just something that is outside of what I was trying to do. They have a different focus than what I really had,” she says.

Graham says she appreciates the public’s support over the past year, especially those who signed petitions that went to the Governor.