Politics Up Close: Dougall Runs for Auditor, Davis School District Pulls Book

Auditor Candidate and Rep. John Dougall

(KCPW News) What do Internet memes with Ryan Gosling and neon green lawn signs have in common? They’re both part of Representative John Dougall’s campaign for State Auditor. The lawmaker is challenging 17-year incumbent Auston Johnson for the post, saying his opponent has been asleep at the wheel, and making the case that he’ll be a more aggressive watchdog for Utah taxpayers. Dougall joined us to discuss his qualifications, ideas, and his opponent’s criticism that he’s not a certified public accountant.


Then, the Davis School District’s decision to pull a picture book about lesbian mothers from its library shelves is personal for Weston Clark. Not only is he a gay father himself, he graduated from and taught in Davis County schools. He joined us to discuss his efforts to get the book back on the shelves.


Listen to a podcast of the full episode here:

  1. Amber

    Be sure to Vote for Auston Johnson for State Auditor!

  2. Amber

    And the accounting skills he claims to have comes from 2 classes from the BYU MBA program. I have more training than that. He’s never used it nor has he ever managed an office.