Politics Up Close: Salt Lake County Councilman Michael Jensen / Candidate Paul Recanzone

(KCPW News) There are many critical issues on the table this election year in Salt Lake County, like canyons development, SkiLink, human services and incorporation, to name a few. And today, we talked with two candidates running for the county council about those topics.

Republican Salt Lake County Councilman Michael Jensen

Republican Councilman Michael Jensen, who’s represented District 2 on the county’s west side for 12 years, is now going after a fourth term. He was recently cleared of any violation of the federal Hatch Act, following a complaint Democrats filed against him over his day job as Chief of the Unified Fire Authority. We talked with him about his political accomplishments and what lies ahead.


Democratic County Council Candidate Paul Recanzone

And Democratic Salt Lake County Council candidate Paul Recanzone says the county needs leaders who will “protect the common good from the profit motives of the minority.” The candidate, who owns and operates a municipal telecommunications consulting firm, is running in District Six in Sandy and its surrounding communities, challenging Republican incumbent Max Burdick. We talked with him about his background and important issues this election year.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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