Politics Up Close: ALEC Critics & Supporters, Salt Lake County’s FCOZ Commission

(KCPW News) Depending on which person you ask, the American Legislative Exchange Council is a useful tool for state lawmakers to learn how to promote limited government and free markets, or a secretive, closed-door group where corporate lobbyists have premium access to politicians and get to write their legislation for them.

With ALEC having its annual meeting this week here in Utah’s Capitol, we heard from critics and supporters of the organization today. First, we talk with Eric Ethington of Alliance for a Better Utah, which has been spearheading an effort to resist ALEC’s visit here. Then, spoke with Dave Buer of the Sutherland Institute, which is sponsoring ALEC’s visit, and Republican State Senator Todd Weiler, who attended this week’s ALEC conference.


Then, we learned more about a new Salt Lake County commission tasked with re-writing the county’s Foothills Canyon Overlay Zone ordinance, dubbed FCOZ, speaking with Public Works Director Patrick Leary.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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