Public Weighs in on Immigration Discussions

(KCPW News) What should Utah’s immigration laws look like in the future? A commission designed to help answer that question heard from the public Monday about the issues impacting them the most and what they would like to see Utah policymakers do about it. And as KCPW’s Jessica Gail reports, the meeting drew angry residents who accuse undocumented immigrants of taking their jobs.

  1. cory williamson

    we need to stand together and do something about this illegal invasion. their favorite argument is they’re only doing jobs that americans wont do. WRONG! AMERICANS CANT AFFORD TO DO THE JOBS FOR WHAT THE ILLEGALS WILL DO THEM FOR. we have done these jobs before the illegals got here, and we can do them after they leave!

  2. Bill Barton

    Cory, I agree. Our own representatives have allowed the invasion you are referring to. They are helping to erode the value of American citizenship.
    In addition to aiding and abetting those that would take American jobs by working for cut rate wages, they are adding immensley to the costs of our social programs…..programs that were designed to help citizens in need.

    It is regretful and ridiculous that our own leaders are allowing this to happen and still fail to be a part of correcting these wrongs.