Politics Up Close: Rep. Jim Matheson and PoliticIt

(KCPW News) Political pollsters, step aside. A new startup out of Utah State University predicts the outcome of elections by tracking a candidate’s digital influence, using data from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. And PoliticIt, as it’s called, has seen great success, correctly predicting the outcomes of more than 90 elections so far this year with 87 percent accuracy, according to its founders. We talked with Josh Light, co-founder and CEO of PoliticIt, about where his company goes from here.


Congressman Jim Matheson (D-Utah)

Then, after another round of GOP-led redistricting, Democratic Utah Congressman Jim Matheson is once again campaigning in new territory. And Republicans are pouring substantial resources into his opponent, Mia Love’s campaign. We talked with Matheson about his stand on major issues like federal health care reform and his plans to hang out to his seat.


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