Politics Up Close: Senate Candidate Brian Shiozawa, The Tribune’s Thomas Burr

Utah Senate Candidate Brian Shiozawa

(KCPW News) As a longtime emergency physician, Dr. Brian Shiozawa is familiar with the woes of the U.S.health care system. Now, he’s hoping to take his knowledge into the Utah Senate as the Republican candidate in Senate District 8, including cities like Cottonwood Heights, Midvale and Murray. The open seat is expected to make for a competitive race. We talked with Shiozawa about the experience and ideas he brings to this race.


Salt Lake Tribune Washington Correspondent Thomas Burr

Then, we caught  up with our weekly contributor, Thomas Burr of The Salt Lake Tribune, for the latest on the campaign trail from Washington, with Democrat Scott Howell going after Senator Orrin Hatch’s age, the LDS Church re-emphasizing its political neutrality, and a look into whether Senator Mike Lee is benefiting from “astroturfing” on Twitter.


Listen to a podcast of the entire episode here:


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