Retired UTA CEO to get $200k Every Year

(KCPW News) Two hundred thousand dollars. That’s how much the former head of the Utah Transit Authority, John Inglish, receives each year from his retirement pension, which is paid by tax payers.  The agency fought KSL and the Deseret News, who first requested details of the retirement benefits four months ago, but released the information after the news agencies appealed to the State Records Committee. UTA Spokesman Gerry Carpenter says Inglish’s pension is calculated the same as every other UTA employee.

“The pension benefit is basically calculated by a set formula, Carpenter said. “It’s the same for every UTA employee whether they are a rank and file bus driver or a higher level executive. We do believe [Inglish] contributed significantly to UTA and to the local economy and he should be eligible to receive the pension benefits that he is entitled to.”

Under the UTA pension plan, employees are entitled to receive two percent of their average salary multiplied by their years of service.

Community watchdog Claire Geddes says Inglish has been overpaid for years.  In 2010 he was 11th on MSNBC’s top 20 list of government officials who make too much money. Inglish earned $350,000 in 2009.

“This to me is just outrageous; especially when we are cutting bus routes,” Gedddes said.” “And was just a few months ago we found out they spent over 600,000 traveling so basically this has become just a golden parachute for John Inglish.”

Geddes is urging the Governor and the legislature bring UTA under a government agency so it has more oversight.