Trader Joe’s Opens for Business in Salt Lake City

(KCPW News) Trader Joe’s is now officially open for business in Utah. This morning the grocery chain celebrated its 393rd store when it opened in Salt Lake City; making Utah the 35th state to house the company. Rory Violette, captain of the Salt Lake store, says over 200 people were waiting at the door to get in this morning.

“Eight percent of our products are sold under the Trader Joe’s label so you can’t get them anywhere else,” Violette said. “And, anything under the Trader Joe label doesn’t have any preservatives, artificial color, flavor, we kind of take all junk out of it and sell you just a great product at just a great price.”

Erin Cowles was one of the early shoppers and said she fell in love with Trader Joe’s when she visited the Las Vegas store. She says she’s been excited to visit since the June announcement of the Salt Lake City location.

“I haven’t gone wrong with one of the food items I have ever bought here, Cowles said. “I have never walked away and thought ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that.’ And, I like that they are always rolling out new stuff all the time, new produce, new food items all the time.”

Management says it is too early to tell whether it will open more Utah locations.   The store is located at 634 East 400 South in Salt Lake City.