CPR Certification Could Become Mandatory for High Schoolers

(KCPW News) The Utah legislature will be discussing adding a new graduation requirement for Utah high school students during the upcoming session. Democratic Representative Carol Spackman Moss of Holladay is introducing a bill that will make CPR certification a requirement for all high school graduates.

“We talk a lot about having appropriate job skills for the 21st century,” Spackman Moss said. “We want to align them [high school students] with skills of the market place and so on, but we also want to teach kids life skills and this is one of those critical life skills.”

Spackman Moss estimates it will cost the state a little under $200,000 to pay for teacher training and the equipment needed if the bill is passed.

“All the teachers in Utah that teach health could be either be trained in CPR and then give the training to their students or, they could pay for EMT’s to come in and give the training,” said Spackman Moss. “That’s the critical part; I mean that is the major cost, that, and the cost of manikins.”

The 2013 legislative session starts January 28th.







  1. Stephen

    So that’s how we’ll deal with our air quality problems!