The Bottom Line: A Search Fund Experience — Todd Tracey, HemaSource

The Bottom Line(Air date: May 31, 2016) Most of the CEOs we chat with founded their own companies.  Todd Tracy’s path was different.  He started what is known as a search fund – a vehicle where investors back a promising entrepreneur to search for, buy and ultimately run a strong company with untapped growth opportunities.  Todd’s investors are no doubt satisfied.  In just 4 years, Todd’s investors netted 5 times their money.  The company they funded was HemaSource, a company that supplies many of the products health centers need when delivering blood therapies to patients such as disinfectants, gloves, gauze, and donor screening products. In 2014, HemaSource was sold to a private equity firm determined to buy this best of breed West Valley firm.  In this program Todd Tracey discusses his search fund experience, and how his team  grew HemaSource into a leader in their $500 million dollar disposable medical products industry. Todd has since moved on from the CEO seat but remains on the HemaSource Board of Directors.