Bryan Brandenburg – Artist, Game Designer, and Co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con

The Bottom Line (Re-Air Date: February 27, 2018) –Few events have suddenly turned so wildly popular – and profitable – as Salt Lake Comic Con. The state of Utah estimates the economic benefit from Salt Lake Comic Con’s inaugural event in 2013 at over $30 million dollars. The events continue to attract hundreds of thousands of costumed enthusiasts, and break comic book convention attendance records.


The Bottom Line host Doug Wells, with Bryan Brandenburg, and producer Ross Chambless.

This amazingly successful event for Salt Lake was launched sort of unexpectedly by co-founders Bryan Brandenburg and his partner Dan Farr. Host Doug Wells spoke recently with Brandenburg about his early career as an artist, entrepreneur and game designer. In the first half of the interview Brandenburg shares some highlights of his life journey prior to Comic Con. He talks about his early work as a programmer and game designer for Sculptured Software in the mid-1980s, and later designing game titles for Software Arts International. He also pioneered an outdoor media company with Utah Jazz superstar Karl Malone, and designed anatomy and other visualization programs as an executive at DAZ 3D.  Brandenburg also talks about his obsession with time travel and the possibility of anti-aging technology.