BottomLine_SquareThe Bottom Line focuses on the human story behind building and running a successful company in Utah. The personal journey of its founders and leaders, the hard work, the tough decisions, the temporary setbacks and the occasional lucky breaks that all weave together to become part of the company’s fabric – its culture and its voice – that ultimately leads to the team’s success. Our goal is to bring the audience along on an intelligent, thought provoking conversation that is more about the journey than the destination.

Doug 3Host Doug Wells is a financial advisor and past entrepreneur who enjoys discussing both the joys and challenges of building a successful company. Doug is currently a Vice President and Member of Investment Committee with Albion Financial Group. Doug earned an MBA from Stanford University and a B.S. in Engineering from Purdue University. He also co-hosts a program with KPCW, in Park City, called Mountain Money.

The Bottom Line airs every Tuesday from 10:00 to 10:30 am.
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The program is produced and edited by Ross Chambless.

The Bottom Line: Jay Bean, Freshlime

The Bottom Line – You may not know of FreshLime yet, but if Jay Bean’s track record is any indication, it’s about to become one of Utah’s fastest growing companies.  Shortly after graduating from Weber State University Bean founded his first company, – an online marketing firm.  In just four short years he grew […]

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The Bottom Line: Vicki Farrar, Catheter Connections

The Bottom Line – (Air Date: March 10, 2015) Each year more than 500,000 patients in the U.S. suffer from intravascular (“I.V.”) catheter-related bloodstream infections.  It remains a serious problem, but one – for the most part – that can be solved. Catheter Connections focuses on the connection in the catheter that is often vulnerable […]

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The Bottom Line: Shaking Up the Insurance Marketplace

The Bottom Line (Air Date: March 3, 2015) –Last November Utah Insurance Commissioner Todd Kiser warned Parker Conrad’s San Francisco-based company Zenefits that they would be fined and banned from operating in Utah.   The problem?  Zenefits offers small businesses their cloud-based software for free, hoping they’ll purchase health benefits for their employees using Zenefits.  […]

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The Bottom Line: Craig Earnshaw, Professor of Entrepreneurship

The Bottom Line (Air Date: Feb. 24, 2015) – Craig Earnshaw’s journey as an entrepreneur began when Jimmy Carter was President and home mortgage rates were north of 10 percent.  Twenty five years after he started Lifelink in 1978, Earnshaw had built his company into one of the country’s leading software companies for insurance agents. […]

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The Bottom Line: Marcus Liassides, CEO of Sorenson Media

The Bottom Line – Sorenson Media began 20 years ago when it licensed technology from Utah State University.  Back in 1995, America was just getting introduced to the Internet which, compared to today’s standards, was slow and limited.  Sorenson embraced USU’s technology to allow us to watch streaming videos in real time (versus downloading the […]

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