BottomLine_SquareThe Bottom Line focuses on the human story behind building and running a successful company in Utah. The personal journey of its founders and leaders, the hard work, the tough decisions, the temporary setbacks and the occasional lucky breaks that all weave together to become part of the company’s fabric – its culture and its voice – that ultimately leads to the team’s success. Our goal is to bring the audience along on an intelligent, thought provoking conversation that is more about the journey than the destination.

Doug 3Host Doug Wells is a financial advisor and past entrepreneur who enjoys discussing both the joys and challenges of building a successful company. Doug is currently a Vice President and Member of Investment Committee with Albion Financial Group. Doug earned an MBA from Stanford University and a B.S. in Engineering from Purdue University. He also co-hosts a program with KPCW, in Park City, called Mountain Money.

The Bottom Line airs every Tuesday from 10:00 to 10:30 am.
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The program is produced and edited by Ross Chambless.

The Bottom Line: Steering a Supermarket Giant – Victor Lund, former CEO of American Stores Company

The Bottom Line – (Original Air date: March 22, 2016) By the late 1980s American Stores was the largest drug-store retailer in the United States and the third-largest grocery retailer in the country. The company operated Acme Markets on the East Coast and Alpha Beta on the West Coast. Among the business leaders steering the […]

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The Bottom Line: A Better Heavy Equipment Tracker – Alain Eav, RoviTracker

Startup Spotlight (August 2016) — RoviTracker is a rental management software to help companies that use heavy equipment rent and track their inventory. CEO and Founder Alain Eav, says he developed the program after years of dealing with some frustrations managing an equipment rental fleet. Eav shares how his former company Mobilight International in Utah […]

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The Bottom Line: Tracking Your Utilities in Real-time – Sumner Douglas, Vutiliti

Startup Spotlight (August 2016) — Vutiliti is an application that will provide people with real-time analytics and data about their use of electricity, gas, and water. Sumner Douglas, the company’s COO, says homeowners have long wanted access to real-time utility data in order to conserve and save money. Douglas says they estimate their product could […]

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The Bottom Line: Personalizing How We Teach & Learn – Jeffrey Katzman, Core Learning Exchange

Startup Spotlight (August 2016) — Core Learning Exchange CEO and Founder Jeffrey Katzman says current platforms used in most K-12 education are designed to support a “factory-style” of education setup in the last century. Core Learning Exchange, on the other hand, aims to help educators to individualize instruction for each student. With more personalized learning […]

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The Bottom Line: Learning Chinese By Pictures – Lukas Lohove, Zizzle

Startup Spotlight (August 2016) — Lukas Lohove has created a application called Zizzle to help Mandarin Chinese language learners more effectively learn Chinese characters by telling stories through pictures. Lohove says his app can help a variety of learners, by making the process fun and time-saving. Increasingly young and old Americans see Chinese as an […]

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