KCPW is proud to partner with EXPLORE Utah Science, an organization whose mission is to uncover science stories that matter to those who live in Utah, and the first-ever science news and information resource designed to serve Utah locals.

EXPLORE was founded under the belief that the public needs to know about locally driven research, discoveries, and commercialization, and how these innovations could affect their health, the economy, and the future.

Stories from EXPLORE reporters will air periodically on KCPW and will be posted on this page.

Differing Views on Plans for Big Water Projects in Utah

(KCPW News) Utah’s population is expected to nearly double in the next 40 years and many policymakers worry that the desert state will not have enough water for cities, industries, and agriculture. Some say Utah will soon need to divert more water from the Colorado River, and eventually the Bear River, to meet future needs. […]

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Desert Dust Events Could Trigger Early Wasatch Snowmelt

Dust events occur regularly each spring along the Wasatch Front, and they could be impacting how much water is ultimately available for Utah residents. This is the first story by Explore Utah Science in a series called “Follow the Flow”, that examines ongoing research to maintain the sustainability of Utah’s precious watersheds.

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Can Utah Develop Solutions to Clean Up the Air?

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  The public has made it’s voice heard when it comes to air pollution in the state. Regulators and government officials say they are developing a Utah solution for air quality. This year, there are plenty of people ready to hold them accountable. Kim Schuske from Explore Utah Science has the story.

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Biology Inspires Next Generation “Bio-batteries”

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Batteries that power our electronic devices contain heavy metals and other materials that are toxic to the environment. A new battery technology inspired by biology, bio-batteries, overcomes many of these problems. The technology may one day lead to biodegradable batteries that store energy more efficiently than today’s heavy duty lithium-ion batteries. […]

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When People and Wildlife Collide

(KCPW/ Explore Utah Science)  Each year, thousands of vehicles collide with deer and elk that are crossing Utah’s highways, often causing major property damage, and even death. To protect both people and wildlife, scientists are investigating the safest, most cost-effective ways to get big game across the road. Julie Kiefer with Explore Utah Science has […]

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