2015 Summer Listener Feedback

We love to hear from you.

Compliments and criticisms alike are valued and appreciated – a bellweather of sorts, offering a better understanding of how we are serving the community. Here’s a sampling of what people had to say this past pledge drive:

Thanks for being there.

This medium matters!

I am pleased to do my small part to help keep the station on the air.

Happy to support the public radio offered by KCPW. It is a bit different than other local, public radio stations, and I like that different perspective. It’s at once more global and more local: Give a listen for a few days at various times and see if you agree.

KCPW is the pulse of Salt Lake City. We all need to pitch in to keep it up.

Thank you for keeping us informed every day! I love to frequent the sponsors that support your station.

With the concentration of the public airwaves in fewer and fewer corporate hands, the health of independent radio stations becomes crucial to the dissemination of multiple points of view. They need the support of all citizens who care.

I believe in public radio and want to support it. Most people spend more than $10/month on to-go coffee, so why not to-go radio?

We get plenty of comments on programming  (cue the exclamation points!).

I’ve been enjoying KCPW programming for several years now, almost daily! And I’m excited when my friends start tuning in as well. Thank you very much for the excellent, educational shows

Love the community radio focus!

I love your local shows and focus!

I really like Public Radio Remix!

Favorite show is Wits!

I love Backstory!

Love the Beehive Archive segments.

I love so many of your programs! A few favorites that come to mind are: Living on Earth, Backstory, all the local shows (especially Both Sides of the Aisle and KCPW Presents), Dinner Party Download, BBC during my morning commute, and Roger McDonough as my morning host!

Thank you for the quality programming you air most of the day, particularly the BBC!

Harry Shearer is my favorite with Le Show

I like everything except for Wiretap!

Love hearing the BBC in the morning.

Already sent in a pledge – and, frankly, I really think the programming is great – different than what you see on other stations, really refreshing.

I love America’s Test Kitchen and I love, love, love Dinner Party Download – which makes me feel clever.

I love listening to Behind the Headlines!

I appreciate the science and environment reporting of Ross Chambless.

Thank you for airing America’s Test Kitchen Radio!

KCPW is my favorite station in Utah! I love your local coverage and I love Backstory!

I love the local programs!

I listen to the BBC on 88.3 last thing before I fall asleep at night. 🙂

I like all the shows!

We get a lot of encouragement.

As a small staff, we depend on each other and we depend on you to let us know how we are doing.

Great job!

Thank you all for your perseverance and service.

Keep up the good work!

I love and appreciate the selfless work that all the wonderful people of KCPW perform on behalf of all of us listeners.

You guys are doing great!

Call, email, write, or stop by anytime to tell us what you’re thinking or how we may improve any aspect of our operations. Community feedback is crucial.

Thank you again to all who have invested in KCPW. If you haven’t made a pledge of support, please consider chipping in and help preserve our public airwaves!

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