105.3 is now 105.5

If you’re tuning into 105.3, you’ve noticed something is missing… that’s because we’ve moved a notch up on the radio dial. Our translator is now at 105.5 FM.

Why the change? This all began in 2008 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved docket 05-243, which affects a number of stations in the market and required us to move.

Thanks to the talent and advice of the late, great radio engineer Dennis Silver, in May, we filed an application to move to 105.5. A provision in our approved application dictated that we couldn’t move until another station, 105.7, moved to 105.9 and filed a license application. All of that happened in early October and we’re now live on 105.5.

What about 88.3? Nothing to worry about there! 88.3 is a full-power radio station and is secure and permanent.

Questions? We welcome any opportunity to answer questions, collect feedback, and speak about, and on behalf of, KCPW. Contact Station Manager Lauren Colucci at or (801) 359-5279 ext. 204; or just stop by to take a tour and meet the KCPW team.

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