Final Broadcasts for ‘To The Point,’ ‘Dinner Party Download’

Two, long-running national programs on KCPW are winding down. KCRW’s To the Point is moving to podcast-only format, and the hosts of APM’s Dinner Party Download are taking on new projects.

This Friday (Nov. 10) marks the show’s final broadcast before Warren Olney and his team move the signature daily national public affairs show from the daily broadcast platform to a weekly podcast platform.

Message from host Warren Olney:

After 50 years in TV and radio, I’m ready for change.  I hope you are, too.  On November 13th, “To the Point” will go from daily radio to a weekly podcast.  I’ll call on my decades of experience to explore more deeply than ever the issues and the people that shape our world—and often disrupt it.  How did everything change so fast?  Where are we headed?  The podcast will be informal, edgy, and always informative—for me as well as for you.  Thanks for your years of radio listening and a big thanks to all the public radio stations that have carried and supported “To the Point” over the years. Your program directors and your dedicated audiences have helped make Los Angeles a center of information.  Now, welcome to a new and different “To the Point” wherever you get your podcasts.  

To subscribe to the “To The Point” podcast, go to

After 10 years as pioneering podcast and six years as a public radio program, American Public Media and Brendan Newnam and Rico Gagliano, hosts of The Dinner Party Download, are parting ways.

Newnam and Gagliano will soon launch the next phase of their careers. Read their letter to listeners here, and visit their new website here!

The last show airs December 1st. After that there will be nothing but dirty dishes, empty wine bottles, bottomed-out candles and…well, an archive of podcasts. Share your favorite moments from The Dinner Party Download here.

We know that both of these shows are favorites of many listeners (and we mourn with you). We’ll be announcing replacements in the coming weeks. In the meantime, starting on Monday and for the next six weeks, One Year Later, a look at political conversation in the Trump era will be replacing To the Point in the 4-5 pm weekday hour. Read more about this special series here.

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