NHMU Lectures: Hidden Worlds Revealed

KCPW is pleased to again be the media partner for the Natural History Museum of Utah Lecture Series. This year’s NHMU lecturers are intrepid explorers whose research, exploration, and fascination with the past has unearthed astonishing insights into hidden worlds.

Discover the story of the oldest intact murals in the Maya world. Meet one of the founders of evolutionary genetics whose research includes the Neandertal genome. Learn about farming of the Fremont and its implications for the world going forward. Finally, hear from the winner of the 2016 TED Prize who has identified thousands of undiscovered archaeological sites around the world using satellite remote sensing.

KCPW will be recording and rebroadcasting each lecture as part of the program KCPW Presents, which airs Fridays at 10am and 8pm. Tickets for the lectures, while available, can be found here.

Audio, once available, will be posted at the KCPW Presents page.

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