Pets of Public Radio Unite!

Meet KCPW Station Pup: Mouse Profession: Security Guard and Outreach Coordinator (and sometimes therapist) at KCPW Hobbies: Frisbee, Hide and Seek Why she loves KCPW: There are plenty of volunteers to herd. A high-energy dog, she also loves the calming, dulcet tones of BBC presenters.

Pet Wars! is KCPW’s long-standing tradition of honoring some of our dearest public radio listening companions: our pets! The fun starts at 3 p.m., followed by a special, curated hour of animal programming, starting at 4 p.m.

Kick off Pet Wars! now with your pets’ pledge of support.

Don’t forget to tell us the name and species of your beloved beast(s) – and why they appreciate public radio! We’ll keep a running tally of animals and reveal which species can lay claim to being public radio’s best friend!

Special thanks to this pledge drive’s Pet Wars! challenge granters: Brickyard Animal Hospital and a KCPW Listener!

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