A New Online Home for KCPW!

The entrance to KCPW’s studio on library square – our physical home!

After a nearly ten-year run with our previous website, KCPW has a new online home.

The new site features improved functionality, including an easier online listening experience, a modern design, and numerous back-end fixes to issues that began to sprout up over the last several years.

This project is the result of months of effort by staff and volunteers and expert guidance from a team of experts at who donated countless hours to the site’s creation — both on the design side and in its technical development. We are very grateful as well for the very generous and ongoing donation of digital storage space and hosting provided by Pressable.

We would like to take this moment to also acknowledge and thank Jemmyn Buchanan at Tiki Multimedia who assisted the project locally through a generous donation of his time as a technical point and guide for the KCPW team.

As with any change, there are are certain to be some hiccups here and there as we fine-tune the architecture for audio, podcasting, the community calendar and various other features of the site. While you familiarize yourself with our new online home, we’d love to collect your feedback.

What do you love? What’s missing? What’s broken? Use this online form to add your comments.

This website was built with our community of listeners in mind. Thank you for helping us make it the best it can be!

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