CityViews 5/24/12: Why We Write/An Insider’s Guide to the SLC Cemetery


Segment 1:

Writing is a creative process, a craft dominated by words and punctuation and themes and characters. Writers are motivated by storytelling, saying something profound and illuminating the human condition, right? Well, the writer Steve Almond argues writers write to purge their own souls, to explore personal weakness and to find truth about themselves. In short, writing is therapy. On Thursday, we’ll talk about why we write and the ins and outs of the writing process.


  • Steve Almond, author of several books including “God Bless America”
  • David Tippetts, Writers @ Work

The 27th Annual Writers @ Work Conference will be held Wednesday, June 6 thru Sunday, June 10 at Alta Lodge. For more information about workshops, panels and readings and to register, visit



Segment 2:

Cemeteries are peaceful sites that encourage memories and contemplation, but these final resting places also link us to our collective past. The Salt Lake City Cemetery is chock full of prophets, politicians and pioneers who shaped Utah’s history. On Thursday, we learn more about the saints and sinners buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.


  • Linda Hilton, “The Famous and Infamous: A Guide to the Salt Lake City Cemetery”