The House Select Committee and the 2022 election cycle

Both Sides of the Aisle – Natalie Gochnour is joined on The Right by John Dougall, Utah State Auditor, and on The Left by Shireen Ghorbani, former Salt Lake County Council member. They discuss the public hearings of the House Select Committee on the events that led up to Jan 6th, the political future of former President Trump and how the investigation may impact the 2022 election cycle. They also discuss the race to unseat Sen. Lee, Sen. Romney’s legislation to support working families and the bizarre clash between Utah Sheriffs’ Association and Utah County Attorney David Leavitt.

  1. Jordan

    It’s funny that Natalie says the quiet part out loud, “There’s no chance to figure out a bipartisan way to do this [the Jan 6th committee]” – she openly admits this is partisan political theatre. And people will tune in or tune out respectively because it is openly partisan grandstanding.

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