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KCPW Presents: “Reveal (episode 101)”

Reveal_itunes_siz_mediumSo what exactly are we revealing?

In our newest episode, “Reveal” reporter Katharine Mieszkowski continues her investigation into the murkiness that surrounds day care records in the U.S. State inspection reports are public record, but accessing them is still a problem for many parents. More than a dozen states don’t post these records online. And in California, where Katharine lives, the situation is the worst. In fact, once Katharine started publishing reports on this information gap, California passed a law requiring some day care records to be posted online. The problem is that lots of crucial information remains hidden. In our first segment, she meets one family and shows them documents they could have benefited from seeing much earlier.

The second segment brings to life this this old adage: “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.” For years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been sitting on information about the serious health risks that certain toxic chemicals pose. The agency’s job is to protect public health and the environment, so why haven’t we heard a peep about these concerns? Lawmakers and industry groups opposed to new regulations on toxic chemicals have found a way to keep the EPA mum. Reporter David Heath from The Center for Public Integrity uncovers a strategy of delays that has been remarkably successful for those standing in the way of public health.

The next story brings us into the fake and fraudulent world of a 21st century boiler room scam. David Evans, an investigative reporter for Bloomberg Markets, reveals a foreign exchange scam that leveraged the Internet to rake in billions of dollars from victims all over the world. All these fraudsters had to do was wait for potential investors to search and land on their site. Our final story takes us south of the border, where we get a glimpse into the growing surrogacy industry in Mexico.
“Reveal” reporter Sandra Bartlett discovers what can go wrong when one of the biggest players in the baby game abruptly closes up shop.

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This special will air on January 30th at 10 AM and 8 PM.

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