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KCPW Presents: “Re:Sound – The Dinner Table Show”

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This hour: the dinner table and all that it inspires.

Big Night

by Jonathan Goldstein (This American Life [WBEZ], 2002)
Producer Jonathan Goldstein made every girl he ever dated watch the home movie of his family’s Rosh Hashanah dinner he made when he was 17. He hoped that seeing his family life on film might make the women more sympathetic to his shortcomings
Naked Dinner
by Gwen Macsai (Weekend Edition Saturday [NPR], 2005)
Once a month in New York, a particular group of friends gathers to dine at various restaurants around Manhattan… nude. Re:sound host, Gwen Macsai, has this report from her first Clothing Optional Dinner at a restaurant called Dorian’s.
Dreaming of Fat Men [Excerpt]
by Lorelei Harris (Documentary on One [RTÉ Radio 1], 1994)
Five very fat women meet to feast and discuss their relationship with food. Dreaming Of Fat Men is at once funny and sad and presents a portrait of women, food and desire that is rarely seen.
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A Square Meal, Regardless
by Jennifer Nathan (Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2007)
When Cedric Chambers and John Gallagher met by chance 45 years ago, neither imagined that they’d be caring for each other into old age. But after John’s wife passed away and his children moved across the country, John turned to Cedric when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Together they faced the end of his life.
Happy Birthday, Darling!
by Dmitry Nikolaev (Radio Russia Kultura, 2013)
A story of how love can turn into a hatred that destroys everything and kills everybody… but performed in a wordless radio pantomime.
This special will air on Friday May 8th at 10 AM and 8 PM
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