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NHMU Lecture: Eric Green on Human Genomics, Precision Medicine, and Advancing Human Health


On August 8th, the Natural History Museum of Utah presented a lecture featuring Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institute of Health.

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In his lecture, Green discussed the latest advances in human genomics and the promise precision medicine holds for the future of human health.

Full audio of that lecture follows below. Dr. Green’s presentation included a slideshow, which can be accessed in PDF form by clicking the image to the right, or by following this link.

Precision medicine describes a future where physicians prescribe a precise treatment plan most effective for an individual’s genetics, lifestyle, and environment. It is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach to treating patients, and thanks to President Obama’s U.S. Precision Medicine Initiative, we are getting closer than ever to starting down this path.

We now know much more about how the human genome works and has evolved, thanks to recent advances in genomic science and technology. We are also able to better measure environmental and lifestyle information and mine the wealth of data found in electronic medical records. The Precision Medicine initiative seeks to synthesize this information and take us to a new future. It lays out a plan for a broad-based research program involving over 1 million volunteers where new approaches for individualized medical care can be rigorously tested. The hope is to establish a new body of evidence to advance how physicians treat patients.

Listen to the full lecture, recorded August 8, 2016 at NHMU’s Rio Tinto Center:

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