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KCPW presents: “Re:sound-The Mothers Show” (5/11/18)

This hour, Mothers in all their beautiful, complicated glory.

by Francesca Panetta and Lucy Greenwell with presenter Lemn Sissay for Between the Ears (BBC Radio 3, 2015)
A sound poem made from the audio diaries of five women in their final days of pregnancy.

International Brotherhood of Mothers 
By Nate DiMeo for The Memory Palace (2009)
The story of the founding of Mother’s Day and the holiday’s social justice origins turned commercial.

Private Black Motherhood and Public White Protest 
By Stacia Brown for Hope Chest (2017)
Stacia knows all too well that some adults start treating young black girls as women as early as age 7. In this personal essay – which weaves together Stacia’s prose with the perfect measure of interview, music and found sound – we hear about the fears and joys of black motherhood especially in this Trumpian era of blatant racism.

On Death and Space Clouds
By Tally Abecassis for First Day Back (2016)
After your mom is gone, and all that remains is her voice in your head, how do you introduce that person, that primary force in your life, to someone who never knew her, like your children.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

The opening of this show was inspired by the piece ‘C’est maman [Mum Here]’ produced by Mathilde Guermonprez for ARTE Radio. You can listen, with English subtitles, thanks to Radio Atlas.

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