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KCPW Presents: “On Thin Ice” (8/17/18)

Image by: Seth Shostak
Water is essential for life – that we know. But the honeycomb lattice that forms when you chill it to zero degrees Celsius is also inexorably intertwined with life.

Ice is more than a repository for water that would otherwise raise sea levels. It’s part of Earth’s cooling system, a barrier preventing decaying organic matter from releasing methane gas, and a vault entombing ancient bacteria and other microbes.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, global ice is disappearing. Find out what’s at stake as atmospheric CO2 threatens frozen H2O.


· Peter Wadhams – Emeritus Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University in the U.K. and the author of A Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic

· Eric Rignot – Earth systems scientist, University of California, Irvine, senior research scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

· Åsmund Asdal – Biologist, Nordic Genetic Resource Center, coordinator for operations and management of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway

· John Priscu – Polar biologist, Montana State University

This special will air on Friday August 17th at 10 AM and 8 PM here on 88.3 FM KCPW

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