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KCPW Presents: “Science and Thanksgiving” (11/22/19)

Turkeys have a reputation for being big, dumb birds. But are they? And what does it mean for a bird to be smart anyway? Reporter Alan Yu explores.

When neuroscientist and gratitude researcher Glenn Fox lost his mother right before Thanksgiving, he had to put his research to the test. Could expressing gratitude really help him through this difficult time, and improve his mental health?

Much of our Thanksgiving feast ends up in the trash a few weeks after the big day. Jad Sleiman introduces a family that does all their food shopping at grocery store dumpsters, in an effort to fight global food waste. We hear about how this problem affects the environment — and what we can do about it.

Steph Yin visits the New Jersey pine barrens to meet multi-generational families devoted to cranberry farming, to find out what they’re doing to preserve their land for the future.

We chat with Yale GI specialist Earl Campbell about what happens inside of our digestive tract when we overeat.
Thanksgiving is about rituals that connect us to those we love. Reporter Nina Feldman talks about her yearly gathering with friends the night before Thanksgiving – and why it matters so much to all of them.

This special aired on Friday November 22nd at 10 AM and 8 PM here on 88.3 FM KCPW. You can listen to the full special from The Pulse, here.

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