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Intelligence Squared U.S Debate: Should America Forgive Student Debt?

In the year since the pandemic forced us to cancel, the federal student loan debt has grown $100 billion. The stakes have risen for student borrowers, making it high time we rescheduled our debate on the motion: Forgive Student Loans.

Facing growing discontent over the rising cost of higher education, many prominent Democrats – and some Republicans – are calling on Washington to cancel the approximately $1.7 trillion Americans currently owe in student loan debt. Supporters see debt forgiveness as a necessary step to safeguarding the nation’s financial future and combating inequality in the education system. But others argue that this blanket policy would balloon the federal deficit, reward irresponsible borrowers, and waste taxpayer money on those who are not actually in need. Is it time for a student loan bailout?

Forgive Student Debt

Ashley Harrington, Federal Advocacy Director and Senior Counsel, Center for Responsible Lending
Dalié Jiménez, Student Loan Law Initiative Director and Professor, University of California, Irvine School of Law

Beth Akers, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Nick Gillespie, Editor-at-Large, Reason

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