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KCPW Presents: “The Future of Genomic Medicine: From Pre-Womb to Tomb”


drtopolcropJoin Dr. Eric Topol, Director of Scripps Translational Science Institute, for an exploration of the research and technological frontiers that will one day make individualized medicine routine clinical practice and change every facet of medicine from pre-womb to tomb.

New research on the genetic variants associated with a wide range of chronic diseases, as well as those that impart good health, will allow physicians to decipher the information in our individual genomes and replace the status-quo of one-size-fits-all-medicine with individualized health care. Utilizing this information and a host of new digital technologies, doctors will be able to identify our risk of disease and tailor treatments to our individual genomic signatures. 

Dr. Eric Topol is a renowned cardiologist and a leading practitioner of digital medicine. He is the director of the flagship NIH-supported Scripps Translational Science Institute and a co-founder of the West Wireless Health Institute. He also serves as Professor of Genomics at The Scripps Research Institute and Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health. Voted the “#1 Most Influential Physician Executive in the United States” in a poll conducted by Modern Healthcare, Dr. Topol is also one of GQ’s 12 “Rock Stars of Science.” He is the author of the bestselling definitive book on the digital-medical revolution, The Creative Destruction of Medicine. One of the top ten most cited researchers in medicine, Dr. Topol has published 1,100 peer-reviewed articles and over 30 medical textbooks. His research earned him the title “Doctor of the Decade” from the Institute for Scientific Information.

This lecture is the first of four lectures themed “Pushing the Boundaries of Life”  presented by the Natural History Museum of Utah and KCPW radio.  It will air on KCPW Friday, February 27, 2014 at 10 AM and 8 PM. Full Audio from the lecture is below.


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