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Philpot Puts Hat In Gubernatorial Ring

Morgan Philpot

(KCPW News)  Another Republican has thrown his hat in the ring for Governor. Today, Former congressional candidate Morgan Philpot formally announced he will take on Governor Gary Herbert and Republican Representative Ken Sumsion in the 2012 election. Philpot says it is time to elect a governor who has the courage to stand up to the federal government.

“Will I take bold action? Will I risk my reputation? Will I push the envelope in every single way possible to get lands, to reform education; even it means more lawsuits from the federal government, threats about revocation of funding? Yes, I will,” said Philpot.

Philpot says his primary concerns are challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, land control and federal involvement in education.

He says he has no problem with Governor Herbert personally but does not think he is the man who should be leading the state during these troubled times.

“He’s a great governor for the 90s, right, when times are good. I don’t want to hurt him personally; I want to take on the future vision of the state. Do I think he is doing enough? If I did, I wouldn’t be running,” says Philpot.

Philpot says he made the decision to run a month ago.  He is a former Salt Lake County Representative and ran for Congress in 2010.  No Democratic candidates have officially announced.

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