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CityViews 3/6/12: Ethics in Gene Research/Ethics and Technology




Segment 1: Ethics & Genetics


DNA research can reveal a lot about you, from your ancestral roots to your susceptibility to disease. But just how much do you want to know about your genetic makeup? What should be done with the information? Who should have access to the results? And what ethical duty does the genetic researcher have to inform? On Tuesday, we’re talking about where the ethical lines are in genetic testing and how we should approach ethical dilemmas.



  • Dr. Jeff Botkin, University of Utah Medical School
  • Teneille Brown, University of Utah Law School




Segment 2: Ethics & Technology


A lack of government regulation makes the Internet fertile ground for scams, cybercrime and security breaches. That vacuum shifts responsibility for ethical behavior onto private companies. On Tuesday, we’ll discuss how businesses, customers and the public are navigating ethical dilemmas in computing.



  • Elaine Englehardt, Prof. of Ethics, Utah Valley University


Utah Valley University presents “White Hats and Black Hats: An Ethics Conference on Computing, Search Engines and Security” on Thursday, March 8 at 11:30 a.m., UVU Library. The keynote address features Ash Buckle, president of The conference is free and open to the public.

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