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CityViews 8/1/12: Child Poverty in Utah/SmartTrips



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The newest annual KIDS COUNT report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation provides a clear picture of the impact of the recession on Utah’s children. And while it sounds like good news to report that the economic well being of Utah children is 13th best in the nation, other numbers aren’t so good, least of all, the fact that the number of Utah children in poverty rose by 45 percent from 2005 to 2010. Today, we’re breaking down the data, looking at the factors that contribute to the rise of child poverty in Utah, and what policymakers should do about it.




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We all want cleaner air and less traffic. But sometimes it takes an extra nudge for us to leave the car in the garage and walk, bike or take public transit on our daily commute. Now, Salt Lake City and partners, including Breathe Utah, are expanding the SmartTrips program to new neighborhoods on the city’s east and west sides, hoping residents will take advantage of free bus passes, pedestrian maps and custom transit routes.


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