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CityViews 12/4/12: How to Boost High School Grad Rates/Evaluating Rural Education in Utah




Segment 1:

New stats show that only 76 percent of Utah students are graduating from high school, with much lower rates for Latinos and Asian/Pacific Islanders. The data from the U.S. Department of Education has state educators and policymakers looking at solutions. On Tuesday, we’ll talk about ways to boost Utah in the rankings and better accommodate today’s students.


  • Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
  • Judy Park, Utah State Office of Education
  • Mark Bouchard, Prosperity 2020

Graduation rates according to the Utah State Office of Education




Segment 2:

Utah’s rural students have a higher graduation rates, but fewer go to college. Those are conclusions from a new study by the non-partisan think-tank Utah Foundation. On Tuesday, we’ll examine the challenges and opportunities to students in the state’s rural areas.


  • Shawn Teigen, Utah Foundation
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