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CityViews 12/11/12: Fear of the Queer Child/The Mormon Gay Website




Segment 1:

The fear that somehow homosexuality is contagious or that children can be persuaded or seduced into being gay has been around for a millennia and remains alive and well. Gay rights advocates have long argued that the data shows it’s more nature than nurture when it comes to sexuality. But a University of Utah law professor says that approach needs to be updated. On Tuesday, we’re talking with Professor Clifford Rosky about his take on LGBT rights and what he calls the fear of the queer child.


  • Clifford Rosky, University of Utah law professor
To read an article on the subject by Clifford Rosky, click here.




Segment 2:

Since the LDS Church’s outspoken support for California’s Prop 8 in 2008, Mormons have been targeted to explain their doctrinal approach to homosexuality. Last week, the church unveiled a new website to do just that. On Tuesday, we’ll get reaction to the church’s latest statement on LGBT issues.


  • Valerie Larabee, Utah Pride Center
  • State Senator-Elect Jim Dabakis, (D) – Salt Lake City
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