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CityViews 12/18/12: Utah’s Tech Sector/Nature and Creativity



Segment 1:

Nearly 50,000 Utahns work in the IT industry, a sector that grew a whopping 7 percent this past year. But even as high-tech companies are healthy and hiring, they’re finding it hard to find and recruit top tech talent. On Tuesday, we’re examining the state of Utah’s tech sector and the prospects for growth.


  • Fred Lampropoulos, Merit Medical Systems
  • Richard Nelson, Utah Technology Council




Segment 2:

Poets, artists and musicians have long been inspired by nature and now scientific research shows why. New research suggests that the great outdoors helps our brains focus and problem-solve. On Tuesday, we’ll hear about how getting outside enhances creativity.


  • Dr. David Strayer, psychologist, University of Utah

Dr. Strayer is one of the authors of the article, “Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings,”  published in the December issue of the journal PLOS One.

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