Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit to Visit Utah

(KCPW News) An exhibit that features some of the famed Dead Sea Scrolls is comin to Utah this Fall. The display, called Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times, is a large collection of ancient artifacts from Israel and includes 20 scrolls that feature the oldest known copies of the Hebrew bible.

The exhibit will come to The Leonardo in Downtown Salt Lake City in November.

The Leonardo’s Bryton Sampson says that funding from the state of Utah, as well as from private donors, helped secure the exhibit.

“The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies stepped up big for this one,” Sampson said. “It’s the kind of thing they like to support in Utah – and it’s really nice of them to help us out.”

In a press release, Governor Gary Herbert called it “a high compliment from Israel” that the exhibit would be visiting Utah.

The scrolls and hundreds of other artifacts, including a several-ton section of the temple mount wailing wall, will be open to the public starting in November.

Sampson says that the exhibit in Utah will feature contributions made by local archaeologists.

“The exhibition in Salt Lake will be different because we have some stuff from the BYU archives,” he said. “They do a lot of research on the scrolls at Brigham Young and their scholars will contribute talks, symposiums and artifacts.”

The exhibit, which debuted in New York in 2011, was created by the Israel Antiquities Authority and produced by Discovery Times Square and Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute.

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